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Escape Room in Sydney

The venue will also be hosting the ‘6 O’clock Swill’ every evening from 4 pm to 6 pm for patrons to enjoy, featuring $15 Negroni and Martini, Gimlets, and a select list of wines by the glass. ESQ is open for dinner on Tuesdays and lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Saturday, with the venue open until late. Lennox Hastie has just opened his second venue, Gildas, across the road from Firedoor.

We did narrow escape room as a family tonight and really enjoyed the challenge . Staff are really friendly and explain it really well .Well thought out .Look forward to the new room will definitely do it again when it opens.Thanks for the great experience. Take in views from one of Sydney's best vantage points, the revolving restaurant at Infinity at Sydney Tower, which perches on top of Sydney Tower, 88 stories above the ground. Choose from an à la carte menu to customize your 2- or 3-course meal, enjoying an elegant meal while overlooking the stunning Sydney skyline. This sophisticated restaurant offers an intimate, stylish fine dining experience, with contemporary Australian-French fusion cuisine.

With some of the best-themed rooms we’ve seen in our quest so far, Expedition Sydney in both Redfern and Gladesville is an awesome location for your next family bonding session. Great themes and epic adventures are on offer at Expedition Sydney in both Redfern and Gladesville. Luckily for us, escape rooms keep popping up around Sydney, so we’ve rounded up the best of the best, all of which promise a session of serious clue-solving thrills. But, this can vary based of the room and the number of participants. Puzzles are made in-house by us, and are just waiting to be explored and solved.

The world’s most beautiful harbour deserves the very best cruise to experience it. Listen to commentary straight from your smartphone, relax into your seat or choose to venture up to the upper open-air deck as you marvel at the beauty of Sydney Harbour. In most cases, escape rooms charge a relatively cheap per-person fee. Escape room games are usually an hour long, but some companies offer ‘advanced’ levels that are longer and more difficult to escape from.

At Labyrinth Escape Room in Parramatta, you’ll see how your primal instinct come into play in one of their epic rooms—ranging from Japanese horror to insane asylum and a Mexican cartel. You’ll need to find and use objects that help you through a range of logic and skills-based tasks, whilst keeping your eyes on every detail of the room for clues that will help you to escape. Boydell’s Cellar Door and Restaurant is the first of its kind in the historic township of Morpeth. Visitors can go in for a wine tasting and a taste of the region at this new dining hotspot. To keep on top of all the new exciting places to drink and dine, we’re rounding up the best new openings of 2022. So, if you’re ready to dive into post-war rooms and spy espionage, then book one of these escape rooms and bring along a few of your best code-breaking mates.

You’ll also find this one on South King Street so you’re close by to the likes of The Imperial Hotel, Gigi’s Pizzeria, Hartsyard and Golden Lotus for post-escape room feasts, drinks and debriefs. Our Escape Room Experts have found that ‘smart’ is very open to interpretation in escape rooms. One person might be really good at solving maths puzzles, one person might be really good at finding hidden objects and one person might be best at spotting the really obvious clues right in front of your nose.

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